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  • Some of the Most Unique and Collectible Peonies Available Anywhere; and

  • A Delightful Selection of Fruits and Vegetables for my CSA and Farmers Market Customers


Welcome to Private Stock Produce & Perennials 2018!

Hard to believe, but Spring 2018 is just right around the corner.

This season I will continue my progression from exclusively growing and selling perennials to a further concentrating  on fruit and vegetable production.

As I have in the past I will be offering potted daylilies and lilies for sale, along with cut peony flowers.  I will also sell rare and unique peony roots.

I will be continuing my community-supported agriculture (CSA), adding a few more shares -- offering up to 12 this season  Be sure to check out the Community Supported Agriculture tab for more details about the program or how to sign up for the 2018 season.

My trials with new fruit varieties that may hold promise for wider distribution in Montana are ongoing and expanding.  I am most excited about the potential for  Haskap, a new berry related to a honeysuckle that tastes delicious and has a nutritive profile that exceeds blueberries.  This year my sweetest variety yet -- Aurora -- should bear heavily, and some of the trial varieties bred by Dr. Maxine Thompson, Oregon State University professor emeritus, should bear enough for me to sample them.  In addition, I will be acquiring excellent new varieties from Berries Unlimited and Prairie Plant Systems (Canadian-bred varieties) to grow on and sell in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.  Please read more under the Haskap Berries tab about what I believe will truly be a fantastic new superberry in the future.   Also, I am excited to see how my Canadian bush cherries, some varieties of which are purported to have the fruit size, sugar content, and firmness of sweet cherries, will produce and taste this season -- as they are finally of a size to expect some production from them.   Learn more about them as well under the Gardening Articles tab.

I wish you all a great gardening season.   I look forward to supplying quality vegetables and fruits to my CSA customers and to visiting again with many of you at the 2018 Helena Farmers Market.



Bryan Flynn





On Sunday, July 15, from Noon to 5 p.m., I will host a honeyberry/haskap education day at the farm.  


You will have an opportunity to learn from someone who actually grows a significant number of different cultivars about this newly introduced berry, which has great potential in Montana and also presents some challenges (at least for me).  


You will be able to sample fresh berries as well as try them in scones and other products.  But best of all you'll have a chance to see them as they grow in the garden and not just in a nursery pot.  I'll be happy to answer any questions guests have and honestly share my growing experiences, including mistakes I've made with them over the past 6 years and things I may have done differently.


In short, the newer generation haskap are extremely hardy, disease and insect resistant, versatile for many culinary uses, highly nutritious and increasingly better tasting fresh.


Along with viewing and learning about my little farm, I also will be offering numerous advanced generation varieties at very good prices as well as potted lilies and daylilies.


To get to the site, about 3 miles south of Townsend on Highway 287 between Mile Markers 80 and 81, turn onto Shelley Road, marked by the county sign;  it is also marked by a Private Stock Perennials (PSP) sandwich sign.   Follow Shelley Road @2.5 miles to the "T."  Turn left onto Flynn Lane.  Approximately 1/8 mile, turn right into a private lane.  Both turns on Flynn Lane are marked by PSP signs.
















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